What Happens to Our Pups?

Puppies from Coteau Kennel usually go to hunting homes where they are also companion dogs. They get the best of both worlds. And they prove their abilities for love and the hunt quickly with their owners. Enjoy the pictures below.

Mike and Aero (2008 Litter)

Aero after a duck hunt (2008 Litter)

Ringer and his first Pheasants (2007 Litter)

Bella - "Who's in Control Now?!" (2009 Litter)

Bella and her first pheasnt season (2009 Litter)

Bella on point (2009 litter)

Aero under the bed? (2008 Litter)

Colt and a good hunt (2009 litter)

Thena loves the water! (2008 Litter)

Lucy and a well deserved rest (2009 Litter)

Lucy receiving praise (2009 Litter)

Thena and her bone (2008 Litter)

I you are the proud owner of a Coteau Kennel pup and would like to share a picture a picture or two, please email us.


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